My Purpose

 My Purpose for Little Engine Homecare, Inc.
by: G. Andrew Pratt, Jr., PT – Founder

After twenty-eight years of practicing physical therapy primarily in the outpatient orthopedic arena, I found new life and excitement as I diverted my attention to addressing the needs of children in a home health setting. Then after three years of practice, I decided that I would like to do more for these children. So I opened Little Engine Homecare, Inc., and admitted our first child for service on September 9, 2007. Since then, I have grown to be so very committed to and inspired by these children.

The special-needs-children we serve at Little Engine face many physical, mental and emotional challenges that induce their disabilities and developmental delays. The disabilities they endure require them to work harder than so-called “normal” children just to keep up with age-appropriate activities or skills. Many will encounter ridicule from other classmates or other peers for the way they walk or move, the tone in which they speak, or in their inability to grasp concepts deemed suitable for their age. Collectively, these children may be classified as “At Risk Kids”.

The term “At Risk” means that this child is:

At Risk for failure in school;
At Risk for taking drugs to mask the pain of ridicule and non-acceptance;
At Risk to joining gangs to gain the acceptance not found in their classroom or with other peers;
At Risk for this same gang activity to lead to severe injuries, or worse, as gangs compete for neighborhood territories to sell their drugs;
At Risk for this drug or gang activity to lead to incarceration or addictions or both; or
At Risk for the drug activity to even lead to death from a drug-overdose itself.

Make no mistake about it; for them their RISK is HIGH, and their RISK is REAL.

When conceiving Little Engine, I made it my dream and my mission to, Make A Difference in these children’s lives. And I want to keep it going and growing only as long as I know in my heart that we are positively affecting a child’s life. I would invite all who share in this vision to come aboard the Little Engine and leave your own positive fingerprint on the life of a special-needs-child. Come learn what the reward feels like in “Making a BIG Difference in a LITTLE life”.

To each of you that would join us, I would say …

“Welcome to Little Engine! Here is your sand shovel! Now let’s start scooping up some Starfish!”

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