The Starfish Story


There was a small town located along a shoreline that a big storm poured through one day and washed millions and millions of starfish to the shore. The next morning the people began to gather on a bridge overlooking the shoreline to witness all the starfish stranded on the sand.


As the day grew hotter the starfish became more sluggish and soon some began to die. “How awful”, said one onlooker. “How sad”, said another. Everyone agreed it was an indeed a heartbreaking event they were all witnessing. But everyone just stood by and watched and stared as each starfish one by one began to bake and die in the hot sun.

Then one of the spectators noticed an odd event happening in the far distance amongst the defenseless dying stars. Coming into view was a little boy in the midst of all the starfish. They began to focus on the little boy’s unusual behavior. As they looked closer they saw that the boy was, one by one, taking his time to gently and carefully lift a starfish out of the sand with his little sand shovel and throw it back into the ocean.

One of the onlookers called out to the little boy, “What are you doing?” The boy replied, “I’m trying to throw these starfish back in the ocean”. But the onlooker just gave a patronizing smile and called back out to the little boy saying, “There are millions and millions of them; you can’t possibly make a difference”. But the little boy, not heeding the advice, continued on his mission. He took his little sand shovel and scooped up another starfish and threw it back into the ocean and then replied to them,

“To that one I made a difference!”



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