Skilled Nursing Visits

Skilled Nursing visits at Little Engine Homecare, Inc. are  intermittent  nursing visits ordered by a physician, and  provided  by a RN (Registered Nurse) or by an LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) under RN supervision to children  from birth through 20 years of age who meet predefined criteria for medical necessity. The length and frequency of a skilled  visit  is based on the assessment of the child’s medical needs.

We work closely with families, and physicians, as well as other medical and healthcare professionals to help restore and maintain each child’s maximum level of function and health, and bring peace of mind to families and loved ones.  Skilled Visits assist parents and caregivers by managing, observing and evaluating the care of their child.

Common medical treatments  preformed by your Nurse during a visit may include:

  • Specialized Injections 
  • Wound Care 
  • Disease Management and Education 
  • Central Line Management and Lab Draws 
  • Newborn Care 
  • Weight Checks/Monitoring
  • Caregiver Education and Training

Our Nurses

At Little Engine Homecare Inc., we provide high quality professional RNs and LVNs in the San Antonio and Austin area. Our nurses go through a comprehensive orientation program prior to caring for a client in the home. In addition to the hands-on pediatric specific skills lab offered through Little Engine Homecare, Inc., nurses who care for clients with specialized needs will also receive specialized training geared specifically toward each child.

All of our nurses are screened and complete a comprehensive background check prior to employment. We also administer a pediatric exam to ensure clinical competency and knowledge.

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